Wiggolly Dantas

Wiggolly is one of the most respected Brazilians in Hawaii; So much so, that he stays at Eddie Rothman’s house every winter. Here’s what he says about acquiring respect on the North Shore:
“I don’t believe you simply get respect. Respect is something you build, over many years… I wait my turn, patiently. After all the locals had their waves and if it’s my turn, then I’ll turn around and go, no holding back.”
“There aren’t that many negative aspects of being a black surfer on Tour. Many people think I’m the first one, but that’s not true. Way before our generation there were Jojo Olivença and Tinguinha Lima, both from Brazil. So the path was paved for us a few years ago. I think the difficulties for many black surfers might be getting sponsorship, because many times when presented with a black surfer or a blonde, blue eyed surfer, a company will chose to sponsor the latter. There’s still a bit of that, I believe. Luckily for me Quiksilver never saw it that way. But there are many positives, for sure. I use other black athletes as inspiration. I mean, we dominate so many other sports, like basketball, football, track and field, etc. I’d like to be an inspiration to black surfers everywhere. I think people remember you better, too, specially because there are only a few of us in surfing. So when people meet me, they remember me. Kind of like ‘Oh, that black kid who rides for Quik? Yeah I know him.’ And, of course, it doesn’t hurt with the ladies (laughs). Who doesn’t like rhythm and groove? (more laughs)”